Mother's Day Giveaway Terms & Conditions

Eligibility Requirements and Terms of Entry: 

1. Customers must spend a minimum of $79 to enter the giveaway draw.

2. Winners will be eligible to purchase selected product as determined by Dailygreatness to the value of $500.

3. Free Standard Shipping is included up to $500. If you prefer 'Signature Service' for more security, you will be given a paid shipping option.

4. A 'delivered' status on the standard shipping confirms receipt of your delivery and no disputes will be entered into. 

5. No items will be replaced if damage occurs due to shipping. 

6. Winners will be announced on Friday 7th May at 3 PM PST on our @dailygreatness Instagram Live. 

7. There is no return on product won through the giveaway or on product purchased to enter the competition. 

8. Our judge's decision is final.